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Camping. Swords.
What more could you want?


Spend three days this July camping
by the Bay of Fundy while learning to sword fight.

Unlock your inner adventurer.


Live out your Fantasy fantasies.


Wield a sword like your favourite characters from history, books, and films.

West Nova Historical Fencing is excited to be running this event, a first of its kind in Atlantic Canada! Since 2021, WNHF has been teaching Historical Fencing, also known as Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), in the Annapolis Valley.

On July 14, 15, & 16, you'll learn:

- Use a one handed broadsword (like Scottish Highlander!)

- Use a two handed longsword (like a Medieval Knight!)

- Use a rapier (like a Musketeer!)

- Use a sword and shield (like... also like a Knight!)

- Use a spear (like a peasant!)

- Use a dagger (to survive those medieval tavern brawls!)


There might even be some armour making.

This weekend is everything you need to get started with Historical Fencing.


When was the last time you played?
Or just had fun instead of ‘working out’?

And how many of us remember being kids who picked up sticks, or cardboard tubes, or anything vaguely sword shaped and swinging it around, letting your imagination take over?


Learning to swing a sword could be just what you need!


Even if you haven’t exercised since high school.

Even if you’ve never done any martial arts.

Even if you’re afraid of hitting or being hit.

I can’t think of many reasons not to try
and find out for yourself.


Here's what other people have said:


"Highly recommend for anyone that wants to try something out of the norm of regular activities. Classes are loads of fun, and it opens you up to a new world of fun things to learn and try out."


This class fulfilled [his] dream and more!  It has given him the opportunity and motivation to exercise while having fun and also to learn a bit about different historical periods and fighting styles."


"If you’re looking for something to get you moving that is fun and challenging, this could very well be it!"

Let this be the summer you try
something different.

Spots are limited.

Fill out the form below and come camping!



What: Historical Combat Camp 2023

Who: You! If you've ever fantasized about swinging a sword this is your chance.

Where: Seawinds Horse Archers, 8 Old Baxter Mill Road, Baxters Harbour, Nova Scotia

When: July 14, 15, and 16, 2023

Why: To gather as many like minded people from Atlantic Canada (and beyond??) together for a weekend of comradery, learning, and fun.​

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