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Class Notes - Week of Jan 6, 2024

Welcome back, and welcome to the New Year. As promised, here is a summary of this week's lesson. If you need help jogging you're memory, reach out on Discord. Myself or one of the other instructors will be happy to help you out.



This week we're back on the mats. It's been too long, and I want to bring them to class more frequently this year to keep us comfortable on them and well practiced.

Here's what we're working on:

Collar & Elbow Pummeling

Push/Pull Sensitivity



This is the start of our transition from Regimental Broadsword to Highland Broadsword. I define the difference as Regimental being sources geared towards using the sword like the British Army, including the Highland Regiments, such as Roworth, and Highland Broadsword as sources geared towards the individual fighter, generally written about the way Highlanders fought before their defeat at Culloden in 1746.

Stance - forward facing, square off the hips

Lunge - deeper than we train for Regimental

Footwork - The Appel, and the Gathering Step

Direct Attacks - the fastest way to take advantage of an opening

Parry Riposte - strong parry with the fingers, riposte when you have an opening, and recover under guard.





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