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Weekend Warrior Workshop for Beginners

Weekend Warrior Workshop for Beginners

Pick up a sword. Become your own hero.


This weekend workshop is for people new to Historical Fencing (or HEMA), and who want to try something new and exciting!


Awesome activities don't just belong to the city

We'll be offering this weekend workshop in Bridgewater, Wolfville, and Yarmouth! 


Fun for (almost) all ages!

Youth classes are for ages 11-17 and will be 4 hours per day.

Adult classes are for ages 18 and up, and will be 5 hours per day.


Complete beginner training in one weekend!

Leave the workshop knowing you've done it. You've learned to wield your favourite weapons. And if you're ready for the next step, you have all the knowledge and skill to join our Intermediate Classes.


If you've been waiting for your chance...

If attending weekly classes has been a challenge for you, this is your chance. 

If travelling to our classes in the Valley is too far, this is your chance.

If you're just looking for something different and challenging to try this summer, this is your chance.

  • Gear Requirements

    Athletic cup (ALL GENDERS)

    Athletic clothing (no jeans)

    Gym shoes (no boots)

    Water bottle

    Food (snacks and lunch)

    Sweater/hoody (adults only)

  • Schedule

    Saturday & Sunday

    9:00 am - Adult Class Start

    9:30 am - Youth Class Start

    11:30 am - Lunch

    12:30 pm - Afternoon Start

    1:30 pm - Youth Class Finish

    2:00 pm - Adult Class Finish

  • Dates & Locations

    Yarmouth - July 6 & 7

    Wolfville - July 27 & 28

    Bridgewater - August 17 & 18

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