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Training Plans: 2024 and Beyond

I plan on documenting my training plans and progress (semi) publicly. Anyone is welcome to read and follow along.


Keeping in mind that the internet is a terrible place where there are more opinions than people, and people get real spicy when writing from behind a keyboard, I worry about being dragged down.

But I’m tired of that fear controlling my actions, and it’s time I do something about it.

I’m not looking to be a YouTube star, so I won’t be posting places where I get a lot of traffic (and unhelpful comments).

I’m thinking about just publishing it here on our website. That way people that want to follow along can do so, people with real questions can reach out, and those who only want to complain will have to do more than hit the enter key.

What we’re doing isn’t anything new or revolutionary. There are no new ideas on the internet. So I see no harm in sharing our solo training plans freely.

The concept of ‘secret techniques’ - like those talked about in old school Chinese and Japanese arts - existing in HEMA is laughable. We’re all studying books written by a bunch of dead people.

So I’ll need some faith, and the strength to smile, when well meaning people say what we’re doing is wrong, or their way is better. Because they will say that. Whether it’s true or not.

What I do know to be true, is that training together, talking about it, posting videos, asking questions, and engaging with each other is THE proven method to sticking with a plan and making changes. So that's what I'm here to do.


And to the naysayers, well-meaning or otherwise, there are many paths to success. This is the one I've chosen to try. Maybe I'll try your idea next time.

I have no interest in online debates with people incapable of taking someone else's point of view or changing their own opinions.

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I would absolutely love to chat with you & please maybe learn from you and train? If it’s possible in anyway, my gmail is

let me know :) i’ve always loved sword fighting, it’s definitely a passion of mine.

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