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Trial By Combat!

A free trial class to come see what Historical Fencing is all about. 

*No actual combat, just fun.
Historical Combat Camp 2023 (196 of 201).jpg
Historical Combat Camp 2023 (177 of 201).jpg

Real Fencing

Try a new sport

Real Swords

Use steel, plastic, and padded weapons that really existed

Real History

Learn about the cultures that used these weapons

Historical Combat Camp 2023 (134 of 201)_edited.jpg

Real Fun

Play-based exercise will make you forget you're sweating

We play with swords. Big swords.

Ever wanted to pick up a sword like your favourite characters from film, TV, or books? Now's your chance.

Come to this free 45 minute class and try different weapons, see what calls to you, and discover what adventures await!

Reserve your spot below.

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