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Historical Combat Camp

We've been working on this event for the past two years, and I can't tell you how excited I am that it's actually coming together.

Historical Combat Camp is just that: a camping event focused on Historical Combat. It's three days packed with as much and as varied training as we could find. It's meant to fun, social, educational. All around an incredible experience like none other in the region.

The weekend is broken up into two groups:

  • Adult (both new and experienced) is for the full weekend of weapons.

  • Youth (both new and experienced) is for youth ages 11-17 to attend one day of training.

Historical Combat Camp is being hosted at Seawinds Horse Archers in Baxters Harbour, Nova Scotia, on July 14-16.

I'll be posting updates throughout the spring detailing who is teaching what and other exciting news.

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