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Class Notes - Week of Feb 3, 2024

Welcome to February! For fencing we're continuing with Highland Broadsword, but for Fitness, Stretching, and Self-Massage we're changing it up.



We're working on some core workouts you may not be familiar with, and I'm hoping will challenge you.



Footwork - Change it up, break your patterns. Practice specific movements in isolation and together.

Lonnergan's Double Hit - Not the 'doubles' we talk about during sparring.

Stop Cuts to the Arm - Sometimes called 'Time Cuts'. Super important, very effective, and one of the major reasons why we practice our fundamental cuts to be smooth and fast.



Welcome to hamstring month. Important note here, some of what you think is hamstring tightness may actually be other parts of your body like your hips. Keep an eye out for that, because we're focusing on the hamstring specifically.

Classic sitting hamstring stretch. One leg forward, one leg bent with foot to opposite thigh. Looks a lot like the half-pancake we did in January, but is meant to be straight in front and not to the side.



We're grouping a few things together this month. The upper arms, part of the shoulder, and the chest.

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